Our Church History

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

The Mt. Calvary Baptist Church was organized in November 19, 1888. A charter was filed on May 15, 1897 under the leadership of the late Rev. Thomas Brown as pastor. The charter was composed of ten articles by which the church would be governed. This document was received and granted on June 3, 1897.

The previous pastors included the late Rev. Thomas Brown, the late Rev. Owen Mix, the late Rev, Ulysse Marcell, the late Rev. Henderson Jackson, the late Rev. John Darville, and the late Rev. Albert Darville.

Rev. Irvin Briley has served as Pastor since 1985. Mt. Calvary has a Deacon Board, Deaconess Board, and Usher Board, a Senior Choir, a Youth Department, a Home Mission Board, and a Pastor's Aide Club.

The Mt. Calvary Church has been rebuilt four times in the same location. The church has played an important role in our community as a place for spiritual service as well as a school in the earlier days under the leadership of the late Bro. Butler.

The church can be no stronger than its members. Their will never be a new day in the church until there is a new humility within the people who comprise its fellowship. The Mt. Calvary Baptist is church where the Bible is read, where the word is preached, where the Saints can meet and where God's dearest SON JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND THE RISEN ONE.

On September 5, 2004, the membership voted to unite with the Mt Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church to become the First Pilgrim Calvary Missionary Baptist Church.

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church

The Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church was founded by the late Reverend Gradison Burnett in 1862. The church was located in an area of Ascension Parish called High Paray. In September 1909, there was a great storm that blew the building down. Services were held in homes until the church was rebuilt. Shortly thereafter, the church was reconstructed and services were resumed. The members then decided to move the church to its present site, an area that was called “Louisville” at the time.

Soon after moving the church, Reverend Gradison Burnett ordained his son, Arthur Burnett to serve as pastor. Arthur was a dedicated and devoted shepherd to his flock until November of 1928, when he was called to Glory to receive a greater reward.

Two months later, Fredrick Burnett, son of Arthur, was installed as pastor. Frederick served Mount Pilgrim until 1939. His removal was the end result of a lengthy disagreement.

During this period of turmoil, Pilgrim found itself without a leader. They turned to the Second District Missionary Association. The Association designated Reverend Henderson Jackson as acting pastor under the guidance of Missionary Minister Marshall Cambre. In November 1939, Reverend Jackson was ordained as Pastor.

In 1940, a committee was formed to establish a charter, the purpose of which was to seek, define, and establish the property boundaries of the present site of the church.

Reverend Jackson served as Pastor for 28 years. In 1962, he became ill, and Reverend Albert Darville served as acting Pastor.

In 1963, the structure that we are in today was dedicated. This building stood next to the old structure that was later demolished after fifty three years of housing the members.

In January 1968, Reverend Albert Darville was installed as pastor and served until 1985.

In 1985, Reverend Irvin Briley, Jr. was installed as Pastor and continues to serve to date.

On September 5, 2004, the membership voted to unite Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church with Mount Calvary Baptist church to form First Pilgrim Calvary Missionary Baptist Church.